18 April 2019, Thursday, 20:34
For our and your freedom!

People Have Their Own "Parasite Database"


Belarusians intend to fight for abolition of Lukashenka's decree.

Since December 1 the "parasite" database has come into force. According to Lukashenka's decree No. 1, people in the list are subject to payment for utilities in full since 2019.

Other anti-Constitutional decree has caused resentment among citizens. We cite some comments of readers of Charter97.org. They are the best proof of people's resentment.

This is a veiled introduction of serfdom.

"People have their own parasite database which involves all of you, those in power. A.R.Lukashenka is number one".

"First, the Constitution secures the right to labour, it's not an obligation." These decrees are ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL! Second, if I work - I pay taxes, if I do not work - there are no taxes (though I buy food products, clothes and so on - they also include taxes). I do not owe to the state! "Parasitism" is just Lukashenka's scam. No discussions "how to bypass the decree" worth attention! It does not exist in other countries. People there receive a decent unemployment benefit (even higher than our salaries!). We MUST DEMAND THE ABOLITION of the "decree" AS AN ELEMENT OF HENOCIDE!"

"This is veiled introduction of serfdom. People are made work for miserable salaries to support this uncontrollable and permanent bunch of cattle who call themselves officials".

" An employee has been deprived of almost all rights in Belarus. Now he is bound by contracts and "parasitism". In fact, there are few distinctions left between the slavery and our situation, we only have a chance to choose food, clothes and housing due to pennies paid by a master".

Lukashenka and his inner circle are the main parasites in the country! They are parasites who sucks blood of hardworking Belarusians. Is it time for us to make it hot?!"

"To come to Executive Committees all round the country! To take to squares! To schools! We should come together on weekdays so that these parasites sitting in their offices started doing something with a decree-order-regulation and felt nervous!"

"Every Sunday Brest residents hold protests against the construction of the battery plant. They come to the Square without any hesitations. Because they are responsible for their future.

If you read that someone has organized a protest, then join it. If you read that a trial of a person who stands for the truth starts this or that day, then you should come to support him.

If you read that someone pasted up leaflets you should print the same out and disseminate them every way possible.

There are lots of ways to join the path of resistance. Even if you are the one who dares to do it."

"One of the most evident ways to resist is to ignore payments and to show solidarity. If you do not, they will catch you one by one. So we should come together and ignore payments. People do not be afraid!"

It's time to hit the brake pedal!

"Being a "parasite", I'm going to fight these methods from the very start: I will siege "commissions on employment promotion" demanding to give me a job in accordance with my education and the salary announced by Belstat which equals to a thousand rubles! I will press them till the very end! I will stand under their windows and require employment! If you cannot, then do not adopt these damn laws!"

"Officials are parasites who adopt unbearable laws... I wish the salary of officials depended on their work efficiency, so that they could think more than write. Bismarck"

"The gang runs the show. The Hague is waiting. It's time to hit the brake pedal!"

"It would be nice to create the database including all officials and their salaries. Hey, IT-specialists, do you hear us?"

"By now I do not respect IT-specialists. After all, they create this database to steal from people.

These young, active and smart people have chosen the EVIL side and turn Belarus into North Korea. It happens in the 21st century.

It's a shame. There is still no information about underground IT-specialists and partisans. They like the idea to raise money on the creation of the electronic prison. .

Perhaps, some of them do not realize that they are involved in it! They just write their programs and do not think about consequences which may hit them as well. They do not think that it's illegal!"

"I hope that there are talented IT-specialists among readers of the "charter" and they will create an appropriate database. There are good people in the world!"

"It's time to kick these officials out of their comfortable chairs. And the parasite NO. 1 should be the first and others will follow him into footsteps! "

To take a stand till the very end.

"100 thousand - a hundred cities with a thousand of participants. It's possible! The riot police will not be enough! As of 2017, 115 settlements are considered cities in Belarus. More than a thousand people can appear in cities. There may be several hundreds of participants in towns. The number of 100 thousand is possible for the country. It should be a nationwide event. And it’s better to do it at the same time."

"Every person has its own way. The power has not changed for 25 years. And it has become stubborn. It will not change. Does the population realize that the power should be replaced? However, the population has been passive for 25 years. It's too rigid to made a decisive step. However, time does not play in favor of the population. When will people start defending themselves?

"People, Do not go there and do not provide your personal data!"


"Friends, how long will it last?! It's unbearable, after all. The authorities have neglected every limit. It's time to take to the Square! Otherwise, they will keep doing it. My friends and me are going there. Everyone can join us."

"To the Square. December2010x100"

"Stand till the end, like Ukrainians".