25 August 2019, Sunday, 0:23
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Maksim Viniarski: We Cannot Be Defeated While We Hold Together!

Maksim Viniarski: We Cannot Be Defeated While We Hold Together!

The European Belarus coordinator called for solidarity with Dzmitry Palienka.

European Belarus coordinator Maksim Viniarski called for solidarity with former political prisoner Dzmitry Palienka.

The activist reminds that Dzmitry Palienka trial will be held today, on December 6, at 11:00. The meeting will be held in the Zavadski district court of Minsk (the Partyzanskaya metro station).

“We cannot be defeated while we hold together!” – Maksim Viniarski wrote.

We remind that Dzmitry Palienka was released more than a month ago and was supposed to appear almost daily at the Zavadski district police department to listen to lectures related to employment. The ex-political prisoner came to the lectures several times, and then refused to do it on principle.

The activist indicated in his appeal to the prosecutor’s office that the actions of the police officers are illegal, no one has the right to force him to work. The daily calls to lectures are also unreasonable control and violation of rights and freedoms.

“The summons for the second trial arrived straight after the first one was over, – Dzmitry writes in social networks. – I have already spoken about my attitude to these lectures and about why I don’t go to them and don’t intend to go on. I am not going to dance to the tune of those who threw me behind bars and I am not going to take their bait.”

Dzmitry Palienka adds that the protocols against him were drawn up under Article 23.4 (“disobedience to the lawful demands of a police officer”).

“The first trial is on December 6, the second one is on December 19, – he says. – I don’t know what the sentence will be, but this activity of the police is alarming. Apparently, they have a special interest in my personality.”