22 February 2019, Friday, 2:02
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Minsker: Only Charter Restrains Russian Propaganda Successfully

Lukashenka has made a fatal mistake by blocking the site.

Reader from Minsk Aliaksandr, an active participant in peaceful protest on the Square in 2010, stated that to Charter97.org:

– After the Square-2010, I thought that the authorities would block Charter. But then it was just close: maybe they were afraid of what they had done (after all, the presidential candidates had been put in prisons, hundreds of people had been beaten, they had broken Maya Abromchyk’s leg – a good list for The Hague).

Well, and we must pay tribute to Charter journalists, who, despite total arrests, retained their fighting capacity and updated the site. It was cool! A real partisan struggle.

So, Lukashenka is doing now what he did not manage to do then. This logically fits into the trend of his foreign and domestic policies. On the one hand, he is the Kremlin and Putin’s puppet, and the Charter-97 site is a burr in the saddle for them. I will say without flash: only Charter successfully holds Russian propaganda back.

Secondly, the government is banally afraid of the popular independent resources’ information influence. None of the active and young people are no longer watching BT, everyone is looking for information on the Internet. It is not surprising that Lukashenka has "dismissed" his "mammoths" of propaganda – Davydzka, Yakubovich and Kaziyatka.

Their resignation and the blocking of Charter took place almost simultaneously. And exactly when Lukashenka put into effect the new decree on "parasites", and patriots started to prepare for a large-scale celebration of the BPR’s 100th anniversary. As they say, "it doesn’t take to be Wittgenstein" to know what is behind. Lukashenka lost his bottle once again. He lost his nerves, as it happened more than once during major political campaigns. As in 2017, when he held back Decree No. 3, or in 2010, when he sent the internal troops against the peaceful Square.

But, I am sure, both Charter and all of us will break through. We didn’t lost heart after 2010 – we will not let ourselves be strangled now. We will fight! It's not even my opinion. This is what my friends, who are more distant from politics than I am, say. A lot has changed in the mood of people after the spring of 2017. And Lukashenka has made a big mistake. I repeat: it's not only my opinion, but people, quite indifferent to politics in the near past, think so.