28 May 2020, Thursday, 19:17
Sim Sim, Charter 97!



Belarusians have two ways out.

Famous Belarusian movie director Yury Khashchavatski told this in an interview to Charter97.org, commenting upon the Belarusians' struggle with the Decree "On Parasites" which started a year ago:

- How do you assess the Outraged Belarusians' March in Minsk and the subsequent marches in the regions now, a year after the mentioned events?

- This was a very important and positive occurrence in the sense that certain part of the people woke up and realized what this criminal government was doing to them. The huge and endless plus of the Outraged Belarusians' Marches lies here. On the other hand, great number of those who are still "sleeping" causes in me the desire to address to them in particular.

Being at the side of the people who come out to the actions is wiser than to sit and wait that it will not affect you. Because it will.

Remember, when people are marching in a column with white-red-white flags during demonstrations, there are many of those who go on the other side of the street, hiding silently "just in case". They would probably be glad to join the protesters, but it seems scary for them.

So, they are allegedly marching, but in such a way so that nobody, God save, touched them. No way, guys! You will be the ones whom they will touch first. At all times in history, the undecided were "touched" in the first place. They tried to intimidate the mass of those who hadn't dared to protest yet, and they suffered a heavier blow that the brave ones, who were in the forefront.

Therefore, modern Belarusians have two ways out: either to stand proudly in the column with those who are marching, or go to those who sing along with our power and lick it from all sides. But then these people should imagine how they will be looked at by their children and their grandchildren.

And they will look at those who betrayed their children and received nothing for it. They will not be given awards. They earn some money? They earn a penny, for which they sell the future of their children and grandchildren.

In the country, there is yet not very large group of people who can already be called a nation. And the future belongs precisely to these people. Everyone who is sitting on the couch yet has time to join the group of people of the future. To do this, one must understand a very simple thing: to find the future, these authorities must be stopped. That's why I'm totally with those people who come out to protest.

And to those who have not yet decided, I want to say: dare! Dare to become a subject, not an object, in your destiny. Only then you will become people and receive an invaluable gift - to decide your own destiny by yourself.

- What was your personal, subjective impression of the participation in the Outraged Belarusians' march?

- Every time when you find yourself in a group of like-minded people, when you start feeling the elbow of a person beside you, who is ready to cover your back and fight for the same things as you - you feel great inspiration. It cannot be compared with what riot policemen feel in their column - we all saw their empty eyes int he photos.

Those who have never been with us cannot feel it. You start thinking that you are fighting for your own future. It gives enormous inspiration. It affects further destiny and creativity of the people, if we are speaking about artists, musicians, directors, journalists.

Please note: talented people do not work with the authorities. But many of them were talented until they came to the governmental corridors. And suddenly their talent began to evaporate somewhere. Why? Because they no longer feel this unity with the people, with the nation.

This feeling, which overtakes when you find yourself in such a column, as on February 17, it gives you creative powers. It makes you almost a superman. As anywhere, you realize that you have found hope, dignity, self-respect. You understand: here and now you are a person. And this is not comparable with anything. This is an amazing experience.