20 July 2019, Saturday, 7:12
We are in the same boat

Police Beat Up Khoiniki Resident In Full View Of Children, And Then Fined Him

The smaller the settlement, the greater the violation on the part of the authorities is.

Tried in full view of the children, beaten, then given a fine. The court of Khoiniki district of Homel region fined Khoiniki resident more than 600 rubles for interceding for a stranger before the police. He was found guilty for the absence of flicker, disobedience and insulting policemen, Belsat reports.

The warrant officer presses the alarm button on his hand! Guard! This is not the seizure of administrative buildings – these are independent journalists and bloggers who came to Khoiniki to the trial of Aliaksei Shastsiaryk, beaten up by the police. However, the victim himself was condemned. Judge Andrei Kardash fined Aliaksei 612 rubles for the absence of a retro-reflective element – a flicker, for insulting police officers and insubordination. The father of many children, however, will try to insist that the real criminals are condemned.

"I did not expect that they can fine for the fact that I'm innocent. I'm a victim, and they make me guilty. I will appeal against it, as our children have suffered, our family's honor," – Aliaksei Shastsiaryk says.

The policemen are hiding from the cameras not in vain. In January, they heavily beat Aliaksei in front of his young children. The father of many children was to blame for having asked on the street the reason for the detention of an allegedly drunk man. The policemen told Aliaksei not to get involved or he would be taken to the police station for the absence of a flicker, and then they brought him down to the ground. They smashed Aliaksei's lips and started to break his hand. His wife Irina Shastsiaryk ran out. She was not even allowed to take the children away.

And the policemen talked to Aliaksei's wife, as if nothing had happened.

In court, the policeman, allegedly insulted during the harsh arrest, was recognized as the victim.

"My children came to harm, not him. They were in the street and were crying when they saw our ... those who have to protect us. And they were crying seeing them," – he says.

It is worse for the victims themselves to ignore such situations, human rights activists say.

"The smaller the town, the settlement, the greater lawlessness on the part of government officials, police officers. Obviously, there will be pressure on this family. But if they do not complain, hush up the case, it will be even worse. They will be destroyed; they will have to leave from there," – Homel human rights activist Ales Yauseyanka says.

Belsat is regularly told about the police lawlessness in the capital and in the regions. However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reacts aggressively to these cases and tries not to punish its employees for mocking citizens.

A similar case – with flicker and physical injuries – occurred in Rahachou in early February. Viktar Artsiukh was on his way home, he was detained for the absence of a flicker, and near the police station they beat him and broke his rib. Instead of punishing the employees, the police is prosecuting those who are reporting the incident. Some time ago, the police came with a search to the editor of the Internet page Rahachou Online Dzianis Dashkevich, who had published a photo of the "rogue cops".