15 July 2019, Monday, 22:09
We are in the same boat

Activist From Mahiliou: Freedom Day Can Catalyze Awakening Of Belarusians


It is necessary to defend the national interests of the country in any situation.

The activist from Mahiliou and the permanent participant in the protest rallies Stanislau Paulinkovich said this to the BNC website:

– March 25 is a holiday for the majority of Belarusians, first of all for those who consider themselves to be patriots. On this day in 1918 the Belarusian People's Republic was proclaimed. It was an attempt to restore the sovereignty of our country, which started the formation of the modern Belarusian state. It so happened that we have three days of independence – March 25, July 27 and August 25. We will solemnly celebrate all of them in free Belarus.

– What is the main reason for participation in the action on March 25 for you?

– First, the BPR's century is only once. Secondly, we must show that we are ready to defend the national interests of the country in any situation. Our glorious ancestors – the Litvinians – left us not only the very idea of the statehood, but also its sacred symbols – the white-red-white flag and the coat of arms Pahonia. In 1995, the then formally legitimate president held his first illegal referendum, depriving them of the status of state symbols. Today Belarus is the only country in the post-Soviet space that has preserved the modified Soviet attributes. For me this is one of the main reasons why it should be on Yakub Kolas Square on March 25. Going to the street rally under white-red-white flags, we show the authorities that we respect our real symbols and demand that they are given the appropriate status.

– What do you expect from the rally?

– I am very glad that the opposition leaders could find common grounds for the sake of a worthy celebration of the BPR's anniversary. I believe it is necessary to celebrate holidays of this level in the center of the capital; therefore, I fully support the format of the campaign proposed by the National Organizing Committee.

I hope that the rally held on the anniversary of the BPR will catalyze the awakening of the Belarusians, the return of a sense of pride for their country and their people.