19 July 2019, Friday, 20:29
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Patriot Miraslau Lazouski: Prosecutor's Office To Give Reply Till End Of This Month


The Investigatory Committee closed the criminal proceedings against the defendant in the "patriots' case".

The Investigatory Committee terminated criminal proceedings against defendant in the "patriots' case" Miraslau Lazouski, who was incriminated with "illegal storage of weapons": they allegedly found a machine gun with ammunition in the trunk of his car during the detention in March 2017, the website palitviazni.info reports.

"They promised that by the end of February the prosecutor's check on the case of "illegal storage of weapons", which the Investigatory Committee has closed, will be completed and I will be able to get the necessary papers on hand," - the former political prisoner says. "As the lawyer told me, most likely, this is a usual formality, because, as already said, the case has been closed by investigators."

Lazouski added that he does not know yet whether he will seek clarification of the circumstances surrounding the appearance of weapons in his case.

"I have repeatedly stated that I have nothing to do with this machine gun," - Miraslau said. - And at the same time, I fully understand that it is very difficult to find justice in this situation. As the respected Winnie the Pooh said: "Honey is a very strange thing. If there is some, it disappears the very moment." It's the same with this weapon ... ".

The "patriots' case" was initiated on the eve of Freedom Day in March.

On March 21, Lukashenka stated that "dozens of militants" who "trained in armed camps" in Belarus and abroad and prepared provocations were arrested. Detentions began.

As a result, there were 35 people involved in the "case of patriots." Of them, 20 were also accused of being engaged in "illegal armed formation."

In June, the patriots were gradually released from the remand prison under non-leave and non-disclosure obligations, and the case was transferred to the Investigatory Committee to handle it further.

On the last day of autumn Chairman of the Investigatory Committee Ivan Naskevich stated that "the preliminary investigation of this criminal case had been completed, on November 27 the decision was taken to terminate criminal prosecution of all the defendants in the case and to stop the investigation of the case."