22 February 2019, Friday, 4:10
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Photofact: Belarusians Organized Spontaneous Rally In Minsk Center

A fact of solidarity with activists who raised a white-red-white flag over the executive committee.

Archival photos of the campaign of solidarity with political prisoners – Aliaksei Shydlouski and Vadzim Labkovich, which was held in the center of Minsk 20 years ago, appeared on the vytoki.net site on the Internet.

The author of the photos is Uladzimir Sapahou. The photos are published in full for the first time.

On August 25, 1997, Young Front activist Aliaksei Shydlouski was detained in Staulbtsy, and on August 27, 1997 – Vadzim Labkovich.

They were accused of writing on the wall of the Staulbtsy district executive committee "Long Live Belarus!" And "Pazniak Is Our President", on the monument to Dzerzhinsky – the inscriptions: "The Executioner", and also in replacement of the official flag over the regional executive committee for the national one – the campaign was called "The City Is Our!".

In February of 1998, during the political prisoners’ trial, a spontaneous campaign of solidarity took place at the intersection of Lenin and Kirov streets in Minsk.