21 February 2019, Thursday, 23:54
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Military Men, Firefighters, Police Get Into 'Pension Trap'


The number of Belarusians who appeared in a difficult situation due to the new pension legislation, is growing.

The editor's office of the Vitsebsk Courier recently received a letter from the resident of the regional center, explaining how military men, officers of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the Ministry of the Interior and individuals equalized with them, got into "the trap of the pension insurance record".

— The situation occurred upon the introduction of the new regulations for the pension provision, in accordance with which the period of service in the force structures is not included in the general pension insurance record if an officer served less than 10 years.

This means, if an individual failed to serve the established term due to some reasons, they are deprived of the right to the in-house pension. Apart from this, the total period of their service is not included in the pension insurance record for the superannuation under general terms. This means, if an officer is dismissed after 9 years of service, they will have to find employment and manage to work the insurance record of at least 16 years, as of today," — the reader clarified.

The man adds that during the Soviet Union times the officers of the force structures didn't pay the contributions for the state social insurance.

— It was the same in Belarus until recently. The state itself didn't pay the contributions to the Social Protection Fund, why should the officers do it? The people were assured that they are full-fledged employees, even with benefits. And now these people cannot get the superannuation under general terms or the social pension either, the reader notes.

— According to the law, upon reach of the retirement age they even don't have a right to get an unemployment benefit, or the right to the targeted social aid either. In fact, it is hard to find a job to feed themselves and their families. There's no such deceit in any country in the world. As for the non-inclusion of the conscript service in the army into the pension insurance record — this is beyond the wildest dreams of the contemporary Belarusian legislators. The situation in the neighbouring Russia is quite different, the man added.

Only retirement age is the same, and the minimum insurance experience there is lower — 15 years. And the main difference is that the length of service includes military service on conscription. In addition, they take into account maternity leave, care for a disabled person of group I, a disabled child or a person aged 80 years and over.

By the way, according to the estimates of the Ministry of Labor in 2015, there were about 1000 people who fell into such a difficult situation. And their number increases with time. After all, the adoption of new decrees led to the fact that the right to a pension was lost by those who for a long period of time carried out socially useful activities that are not included into the pension insurance record.

We remind you that in 2018 the superannuation is generally assigned to men at the age of 61 years, with work experience of at least 25 years, of which not less than 16 years 6 months of work experience with payment of compulsory insurance contributions to the budget of the state extra-budgetary Fund for the Social Protection of the Population.