22 February 2019, Friday, 2:01
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REP Activist: Now MTZ Charges Salary In Its Discretion


MTZ is going to worsen the situation of its employees significantly, depriving them of many guarantees.

One of the readers has sent to the praca-by.info editorial office the photos taken at the Minsk Tractor Plant conference, which reviewed the results of work for 2014-2017 and the implementation of the previous collective agreement, and also discussed a new collective agreement.

Judging by the photos, if the new collective agreement is adopted, MTZ employees will lose a lot of guarantees.

Andrei Stryzhak, Homel Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union, comments on the possible deterioration of the MTZ employees’ situation, if the new collective agreement enters into force:

– The most important change is as follows: now the employer has the right not to rescind the employment relationship, if it is agreed with the trade union committee. The employee does not decide himself, but the trade union committee decides for the employee now. That is, if, under the old collective agreement, the employer could terminate the contract with the employee by agreement of the parties before the expiration of the contract, now the employer has the right not to dismiss the employee on his application, if it is agreed with the presidium of the MTZ trade union. It turns out that now the trade union committee and the employer will decide for the employee what to do next: to quit or to work.

– The next significant change is that previously, the level of the average monthly salary at MTZ was tied to the subsistence minimum budget, and this binding will be canceled under the new collective agreement. MTZ will be guided by the financial capabilities of the enterprise and the economic situation in the country. If earlier the salary was 400%, 420% of the subsistence minimum budget, now the employer will determine the amount of the salary in his discretion.

– And the further serious deterioration of the workers’ situation is that previously, the collective agreement did not allow the reduction of pre-retirement age workers. And now it is possible to fire this category of workers, only they are to be provided with another work at the enterprise – taking into account the vacancies and qualifications of employees. However, it is not noted anywhere that this employee will get the same salary and the same list of job responsibilities. It is possible that a qualified machinist may become a cleaner or a guard.

– What, in your opinion, do these changes into the collective agreement attest to?

– I believe that in this way the employer expands for himself the opportunity to respond more flexibly to the challenges of the market – at the expense of worsening the employees’ situation. No one speaks in defense of workers: judging by the very first point, we see that now the employer and the trade union committee have the right to decide for the employee, where and when to work.

– MTZ deprives employees of the guarantees they used to have before. The former collective agreement guaranteed to the employee that he could quit before the contract expired; that he would not be dismissed before the retirement; that his salary amounted to four subsistence wage budgets; now these guarantees are not available to workers.