25 March 2019, Monday, 3:23
A Challenge for Everyone

List Of Payments For "Parasites" Cobbled Together By 1 April


It will also set the order of payments for the state’s "social services."

It was stated by Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Aliaksandr Rumak, tut.by reports.

The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection was asked whether those who wanted "to switch on their own farm" would be considered as engaged in the economy according to Decree No. 1.

– Now we are working to determine the categories of citizens, who will be considered as engaged in the economy. We plan that the people who have private farms, produce crops and livestock products, will be considered as the engaged ones.

Answering the question, if there were any changes to the parasite decree, and what to expect from it, Aliaksandr Rumak said:

– The decree was adopted on 25 January. Now a number of documents is being developed. In so doing, the government decree defining the list of regions with the tense situation on the labor market and forecast figures for the promotion of employment have already been adopted. In addition, by April 1, we will have adopted the list of services with the reimbursement of their costs and terms of their provision, as well as the procedure of calculating and paying for these services.

We remind that according to Decree No. 1, the able-bodied citizens not engaged in the economy will pay for services on economically justified tariffs since January 2019. A list of these services will have been drawn up by April 1, 2018. The communal services are among the services in question, for which the unemployed Belarusians will have to pay in full.