16 December 2018, Sunday, 12:19
Thanks, everyone

"My Glorious People, Stand Up And Fight!"


A famous singer recorded a song "Revolution".

Famous bard Andrei Pavuk and poet Siarhei Mordus from the small town of Kastrychnitski (Rudabelka), Homel region, have presented a new song "Revolution" on the Internet. The poetic text calls to gain the freedom, Homel Spring informs.

"It is difficult for the people now, especially in the countryside, for the rural people, who can hardly survive, – 24 - year old Siarhei Mordus says. – I want people to start thinking and not be slaves of the system. They must respect themselves, because if you do not respect youself, the state will never respect you."

Andrei Pavuk is a well-known blogger, singer, he composed the music for the young poet's poetry and provides support in the dissemination of the song.

"I read the text of "Revolution", – Andrei Pavuk says, – and I liked it. Besides, I like Siarhei Mordus’ love of freedom and that he is not afraid to write such texts. I help to promote the song, the poet – a man not indifferent to the fate of his land. I hope that these songs will inspire people and make them more courageous, open. I want the song to become viral, catching."