24 April 2019, Wednesday, 7:58
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It's Time for the "Head Coach" to Resign

Things Lukashenka has forgotten about when criticizing sportsmen.

Lukashenka has criticized sportsmen again. This time it concerns overweight, Kiryl Ivanou writes for Salidarnasts.

It's been a tradition to criticize sportsmen, coaches and heads of sports federations. Here is a vivid example of the year 2004, when Aliaksandr Lukashenka threw stones at everyone at the Olympic portback election meeting. When analyzing results of the national team's participation in the Olympic Games in Athens, he criticized the work of the Sports Ministry, Republican Federations and the National Olympic Committee. He said the sphere missed a proper system of planning and prediction of sports results, key trends of the world sports development neglected, training procedure for the Olympic Games did not meet international standards.

And here is the comment voiced at the Olympic meeting in 2017 (devoted to the participation of Belarusians in the OG-2016 in Rio):

- In general, the team performance is failing! The fortieth position in the medal ranking. Does it meet our investments to the sport sphere?

As we can see, little has changed withing 12 years. Sometimes this criticizing makes sense.

But there is a weighty moment the main sportsman forgets every time he criticizes ice hockey players, swimmers and skiers.

What does the responsible and professional coach do when his team fails at competitions? As a rule, he resigns. It has the reason: you are responsible for some specific tasks, but you failed with them, and it means someone better should take your place.

Let's recall how many years the head of the state has been in charge of the National Olympic Committee - it will be 21 years in a month. In fact, Aliaksandr Lukashenka has been playing the role of the coach in all sports. And we can see the result of it. However, he is not in a hurry to retire.

And it means new post-mortems and revelations in the sport sphere.