20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:18
For our and your freedom!

Andrei Stryzhak Detained on the Border for the Third Time in a Row

Activist of the REP Trade Union is again searched on the border.

On April 14 Deputy Chairman of the Homel brach Andrei Stryzhak was detained for personal search while crossing the Lithuania-Belarus border. The activist of the Trade Union returned home from Sweden; he participated in the Defender's days (world conference of human rights defenders), praca-by.info writes.

The theory of probability and the popular wisdom say that it has a reason. But laws of mathematics and physics, along with common sense, to say nothing of the legislation of Belarus, do not work when the state border is crossed by members of the REP Independent Trade Union.

Employees of the Belarusian Customs Office refer to the EurAsEC Customs Code and a certain "risk assessment system", according to which they can perform the detailed examination of a random chosen passenger. However, since this March only activists of the REP Trade Union have been those randome chosen passangers. On March 7, Deputy Chairman Zinaida Mikhnyuk and coordinator of the youth network Anna Dus were taken off the train; on March 13 Deputy Chairman of the Homel branch Andrei Stryzhak and editor of the Trade Union's site Jauhen Stryzhak were detained; they were repeatedly detained on March 23.

The so-called "take-off" has long been exercised against members of the REP Trade Union: legal inspector Leanid Sudalenka could not cross the border for several months without the detailed examination; Henadz Fyadynich was repeatedly subjected to this procedure; Andrei Stryzhak was detained in Maladzechna last spring; other members of the Trade Union have also suffered the same.