24 April 2019, Wednesday, 7:51
For our and your freedom!

Entrepreneur On Decree #1: This Is Disrespect To Our People

The decree contradicts common sense and the world practice.

Brestskaya Gazeta asked a Brest resident of how fair the new decree is and whether it is worth it to force to work those who don't want it.

Anton, entrepreneur:

— If someone pays for the communal and utility services partially, but the people who are officially unemployed — at full, this is unfair. Because, it's the private business of everyone where and how they earn money, or even don't earn anything at all. They may, for example, live on the money they managed to save by working for the whole of their lives. Or maybe a wife could be living at the expense of her husband who works and pays taxes and stuff. I don't know how they divided the people into those who enjoy benefits in the so-called social state, and those who don't. Moreover, I believe that any normal person in a normal society wants to work thus calling someone a parasite and saying they must be coerced to work is disrespect to own people. If the labor conditions are normal and a salary is decent, then a normal person would work with pleasure. The practice in the whole world confirms this.