24 April 2019, Wednesday, 10:25
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Economist: First Communal Bills Are To Be Shocking For "Parasites"


The implementation of Decree No. 1 will cause a wave of protest among the Belarusians.

Homel expert of the Strategic Thought institution Aliaksei Kharkevich doubts that Decree No. 1 will work, Radio Racyja informs.

According to the economist, at the moment it is impossible to calculate the per cent of the housing and communal services cost that the population pays for.

Accordingly, Aliaksei Kharkevich believes that the attempts to recover from the so-called "parasites" the full price for utilities will cause public outrage:

– I can even predict how it will happen. The first communal bills that will be made out to "parasites", they will be simply shocking. Moreover, they will not only be shocking in terms of amounts, but, most likely, will affect not only the unemployed themselves, but also their relatives who live with them. This will again provoke a wave of protest from the public, there will be a lot of suggestions on how to solve this issue. The state will back off.

We remind that from January 1, 2019, the citizens, who will be referred to the number of persons not participating in the financing of public spending by special commissions, will have to pay full price for some services. The list of services will soon be specified by an additional regulatory act. It is assumed that the so-called "parasites" will pay 100% for the communal services.