24 April 2019, Wednesday, 10:24
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Telegram Bypasses The Blocking In A Way That Can't Be Banned


It's the first time this method is practiced.

The resistance of the administration of Telegram and Roskomnadzor is gradually coming to its logical conclusion. Both sides have already shown their "teeth", akket.com writes.

Journalists found out that the Messenger management had found a new way to bypass the blocking so that it could not be banned. Well, the Russian authorities will certainly be able to do this, but in this case the work of absolutely all mobile applications for smart phones, tablets and computers will be permanently broken.

Initially, Telegram bypassed the blocking in Russia using Amazon's IP addresses, but Roskomnadzor earlier blocked over half a million of them to prevent the service from working. However, the administration of the messenger found a way out. Now the blocking of individual IP addresses is simply useless, because the service will continue its work.

Telegram has a built-in push DC_Update for all platforms, and it updates DC addresses used for communication. It is commonly used to improve stability and expedite the sending/receiving of messages, but it can also be used to bypass locks. It's the first time this method is practiced.

Push DC_Update system receives requests not of Telegram blocked in Russia, but of Apple, Google, Microsoft. Every time when push is updated, and it happens constantly, the application can privately receive new addresses of new servers of the messenger. To block it, the Roskomnadzor will have to block tens of millions of IP addresses, which will cause a complete isolation of the Russian Internet.

Even if comes that Roskomnadzor is capable of finding out IP addresses that Google, Apple and Microsoft use through DC_Update, it will not block them anyway, because in this case all third-party applications will stop working correctly, including WhatsApp, Viber and others. The web version of Telegram does not use this push because of restrictions, so it will remain blocked forever.

Now some Russians have the work of Telegram failed only because Messenger servers are overloaded. Developers need a few days to cope with the load and to make the interlock bypass system work. Future actions of Roskomnadzor are not known, but the blocking of the messenger will damage hundreds of other services, including those owned by Apple and Google.

- Charter-97 is the leader on the Belarusian Internet

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