19 January 2019, Saturday, 20:45
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Brest Resident Climbs On Top Of Hightower Out Of Despair As He Could Not Find Job


The detail of the Ministry of Emergency Situations has been called to the building.

The incident occurred in Brest on April 19 at about 15:00. Brest rescuers received a message about a man sitting on the roof of a hightower in the Yanka Kupala Street. The man sat on the roof of the building and threatened to commit suicide.

The police arrived at the place first, and called the Ministry for Emergency Situations.

- Three employees of the fire search-and-rescue unit #1 of the Brest City Emergency Department arrived at the scene, - official representative of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations Siarhei Mashnou told Onliner.by. - Three employees of the Ministry rose to the man on the roof. In the conversation it turned out that the man is 41 years old. He lives next door. He climbed on the roof out of despair: he tried and was unable to find a job for a very long time. Rescuers talked with a man for more than half an hour. In the end, they managed to persuade the Brest resident to give up the idea of suicide.

According to Siarhei Mashnou, such cases when employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations save people from suicide, occur in the region several times a year.