20 January 2019, Sunday, 15:11
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Hrodna Resident From Hostel: Half Of Salary Goes To Rent. How To Survive?


Belarusians are outraged by prices for hostels.

According to the 2009 census, 7.18% of Belarusians live in dwellings intended for temporary joint residence of groups of people.

Earlier, the law on charging fees for using company dormitories was adopted, but the authorities postponed the collection of funds. In 2017, the methodology for calculating the fee was adopted.

A reader from Hrodna, who lives in the hostel in 8 Kamarova street, has written a letter to the editor of Charter97.org.

The residents of the hostel were summoned to the meeting, where they were explained how much they would pay.

"They used to "have mercy" on us and did not take money from us. And now they say that the country has a difficult economic situation and they have to charge money. That's how they motivated their decision," – the reader writes.

"They want 1.60 rubles for one square meter. I have 43 meters. It turns out that I will have to pay about 70 rubles + 100 rubles for the communal bills. To sum up, it is a large amount. And I have two children. What should I do with a salary of 400 rubles?" – the reader sums up.