20 January 2019, Sunday, 15:08
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Voice Of America: Following Russia Control Over Internet Tightened In Belarus


Freedom of speech in Belarus is under the threat of destruction.

New amendments to the law on mass media were adopted in the first reading by the so-called "parliament" of Belarus. In Russia, Roskomnadzor continues to block Telegram, the Voice of America writes.

We remind that On April 19, the so-called Belarusian "house of representatives" adopted scandalous amendments to the Law on Mass Media, which totally destroy the freedom of speech in Belarus. The amendments suggest the registration of Internet resources as media (they will be called "online publications"). Employees of unregistered Internet resources will not be classified as journalists, will have no right for the obtaining and protection of the source of information, and will be regarded as demonstrants during mass actions.

Also, the compulsory identification of those who post materials on Internet resources (not only on online publications), including commentators on forums, come into use. That is, editors of informational resources working in Belarus will be forced to give away the data of their journalists and readers, commenting the articles, to the special services. Also, there is a possibility of blocking social networks and limiting access to a resource on an out-of-court basis.

Experts call these amendments "a crack-down on independent journalism" and "a new turn of the screw."