17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:38
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Tamara Siarhei: We Tried to Reach the Speaking Lukashenka


Actions against lawlessness will continue in the country.

In Minsk several citizens who struggle with lawlessness in courts, Prosecutor's Office and other state institutions held the picketing on Freedom Square. It was dedicated to Lukashenka's speech with the so-called "message to the Parliament", Radio Racyja informs.

According to lawyer and human rights activist Tamara Siarhei, at first citizens tried to reach the Government House, so that Lukashenka could see their protest. But the police in plain clothes did not let them to the Government House.

Then people went to Freedom Square, where the picket took place. Although the event was not authorized by the Minsk City Executive Committee.

"We were not allowed to hold the picket there, there will be repair works. When we came to Freedom Square, we saw that there were no repair works, but people in plain clothes were waiting on us. They shot the video of us. After five minutes of picketing, they warned that our action is not allowed. No one introduced himself. We said that the action was supposedly banned, but we are entitled to this action," the human rights activist stated.

People kept slogans "Officials and deputies are hiding from the people behind the fence of official replies", "The Constitution has rights on paper, and we need them in life" and others. In Belarus it turns out that rights of citizens are guaranteed only on paper, and, in fact, there are no rights. "That's why we went to the picket and will keep doing it unless our rights are protected", Tamara Siarhei says.