28 May 2020, Thursday, 18:36
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FILM. Mikalai Statkevich: Millions Watch Us

FILM. Mikalai Statkevich: Millions Watch Us

When will the Belarusians turn from stream viewers into history-makers?

in the film directed by Volha Mikalaichyk, the leader of the Belarusian National Congress Mikalai Statkevich told about why Lukashenka had not announced the referendum, why it was important to take the streets, about the non-violence principle and the time when Belarusians turned from stream viewers into history-makers:

- The Belarusian National Congress warned Lukashenka to restrain from it. Why are you making Baba Vanga of me? I am really glad that this warning worked and I'm really grateful to the Armenian people. It was the increasingly significant factor for it to work. We warned Lukashenka, if he took this adventure, we would do our best and would make people rise.

And open place is required to speak out our position. And I am very grateful to those people, their number varies from several hundred to several thousand, who support me . And I can't understand those who blame us on Facebook. Although it would seem: why do you care? No one is throwing reproaches to you. If you do not want or you can't join us, then do not do it! But every time an event is announced, tons of dirt are poured out on those who have dignity to take a stand. We also do it for you, so why do you hate us so much? And the last self-deception: keep your hands off Lukashenka, otherwise, there will be a threat to our independence. It sounds great, especially when the national intellectual class says it.

I understand that all these concepts are based on fear and fatigue. But someone has to do it. And we do it. And instead of silent support, we hear abusive words on the part of those we think support us. On the other hand, and this is the key moment - we gain support of those who used to be not on our side.

The government machine is really strong and consolidated, it is armed, and we are not. They can put us behind bars for a torn-off button, and we don't have such an opportunity. We must, as they say, have moderation to make people unite. No one knows when it happens. First, it is needed to maintain the level of freedom, the resistance in the society, and to take the lead. As soon as a hundred thousand takes the streets, the system will collapse on its own.

If we use force now, we will immediately lose. One who fires first loses. It should be remembered. The Armenians have just confirmed it. Their leader said: "No use of force!" And people raised their hands. It was the gesture of the protest. "Look! We have no weapons". And that's how they won. But our situation is more complex. Their country was half free. Our country is completely not. What should be done then? We have to make a way out of it.

The day before yesterday a jouralist asked me: Who does support you? Are they well-educated people, professors and teachers? On the contrary, they are pensioners, workers, individual entrepreneurs. You know, earlier it was like that: tens of thousands stand behind, and in reality there were only 20% of them, if things shaped up in our favor. There are only several hundred of them, but millions are watching us. They still keep silence, but they feel sympathy and observe. I increasinly like this situation, it gives us hope and you feel the ground under your feet.

And we proved that the barking before Freedom Day was not disappointing, but it only strengthened our position in our protest leader. So let's keep moving forward.

Now I express my congratulations for the victory without a fight.

The performance on 8 September 2017:

- Our statesmanship goes back more than a thousand years. We have preserved our national identilty. We had our own state and restored it, because every generation had people who prioritized the well-being of the country and nation over their own. The nation is alive, until there are patriots! If there is no one who takes a stand and who overcame fear, a nation fades away and gives the way to others. Belarus will exist, until we are here!