20 January 2019, Sunday, 15:12
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REP Activists Ready To Support Trade Union Leaders

A protest demanding to stop the case against Fiadynich and Komlik is being prepared In Rechytsa.

Aliaksandr Navumenka, the activist of the independent trade union of workers of the radio electronic industry (REP) in Rechytsa, submitted an application to the local regional executive committee, asking for permission to hold a picket against the criminal prosecution of the leaders Henadz Fiadynich and Ihar Komlik in the district center on June 1.

The purpose of the event is "to express public protest and demand to end the criminal prosecution of the leaders of the independent trade union."

As the applicant of the event told the Homel Spring newspaper, "from now on, the REP trade union starts submitting applications for holding protests throughout the country against the criminal prosecution of the effectively operating independent trade union."

The activist said in the application to the local officials that during the picket participants plan to use banners and slogans that reflect the purpose of the event. He asks to ensure the protection and medical care of the peaceful assembly of citizens, as well as to clean the territory after it.

Recall, the criminal charge against Henadz Fiadynich and Ihar Komlik provides for two types of punishment – restriction of liberty for 5 years or imprisonment up to 7 years. Leanid Sudalenka, the legal inspector of the REP trade union in the Homel region, expressed the opinion that the authorities have already made a decision in this political case – the verdict is expected to be harsh.

According to the representative of the REP trade union in the Homel region Viktar Kazlou, all trade union leaders and individual union activists in the region will protest against the persecution of the union and its leaders.