19 January 2019, Saturday, 20:43
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Mikhalok And Hurkou Advertise Russian Alfa-Bank

The owners of the bank are on the US sanctions list.

Alfa-Bank released a commercial where the famous Belarusian athlete Vitaly Gurkov took part and the soundtrack Rodny Krai (Native Land) of the band BRUTTO was used, belsat.eu reports.

The commercial #SMELEE was uploaded on youtube channel INSYNC TV, owned by Alfa-Bank.

Alfa-Bank is the largest commercial bank of Russia. 99.89% of the bank's shares belong to Alfa Group ABH Financial Limited (Cyprus): Mikhail Fridman (32.86%), German Khan (20.97%) and Alexey Kuzmichev (16.32% ) own those shares. The remaining shares belong to smaller investors.

In 2018, Mikhail Fridman and German Khan fell into the sanctions list of the United States.