20 January 2019, Sunday, 15:16
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Mothers 328: Three Women Are On Hunger Strike In Lida

Activists feel themselves satisfactory and do not intend to stop.

Liudmila Lapko from Lida is on hunger strike since Thursday, Alena Nikalayuk also from Lida joined her on Friday, and Natallia Horbach from Hrodna jained them on Saturday.

All activists feel physically well.


As one of the leaders of the Mother 328 movement Larysa Zhyhar told Radio Svaboda:


"We received a letter from the administration of Lukashenka in which Kachanava (the head of the administration of the ruler) assures us that a new bill with amendments to the legislation relating to criminal liability for crimes related to drug addiction, was sent to the "parliament" – Zhyhar says.

However, she said, Kachanava did not specify in her letter what changes were proposed to be introduced into the legislation.

After Liudmila Lapkoanounsed that she was going on hunger strike, she was summoned to the district executive committee "for a conversation." The deputy chairman of the Lida regional executive committee Viktar Praniuk "had a conversation" with her. He refused to accept and register the announcement of Lapko about the beginning of the hunger strike.