17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:44
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Valer Karbalevich: Meeting With Lukashenka Made No Matter For Pashinyan


The Armenian Prime Minister’s press service has not even mentioned it.

A detailed report on negotiations with Nikol Pashinyan in Sochi, where a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council is being held, has been published on the Belarusian ruler’s website.

Lukashenka admitted that he had been waiting for that meeting.

– As a matter of fact, you did well. You solved the situation very well and worthily, you yourself have already felt it. We are glad of it, – the dictator stated to the Prime Minister of Armenia.

An interesting detail: Pashinyan's website does not mention the meeting with Lukashenka. Why? Political scientist Valer Karbalevich has explained that in his commentary to Salidarnasts.

– I think no serious issues were discussed there. Lukashenka's remarks are followed by words of diplomatic courtesy to each other and nothing more.

As the expert notes, the meeting has been important for Lukashenka, because attention is being paid to Armenia and the new leadership.

– It was important for the head of Belarus to communicate with Pashinyan in order to steal the show. And for Pashinyan, for him that meeting was so ordinary, usual and with not much content that it was not necessary to inform the public about it. Here is a simple explanation – a different perception of the same event from different capitals.

Valer Karbalevich draws attention to what Lukashenka had in mind when speaking about the worthy and right way out of the situation, in which the Armenian authorities had found themselves.

"Before Pashinyan became the prime minister, he was skeptical about the integration reunions in the post-Soviet space under the leadership of Russia and was more oriented toward the West, and having become the prime minister, he stated that the Eurasian Union was important and they would not leave it. Lukashenko drew attention to that moment. In that context, it was not about the "velvet revolution".