17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:43
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"I Will Not Stay Silent": Vorsha Resident Held Picket In City Center


Who was the brave protestor with a poster "There’s No 500 Here"?

A one-person picket "There’s No 500 Here" was held near the monument to Lenin in the center of Vorsha in the morning of May 14, the HRC Viasna website informs.

Nothing was reported about the picket in advance. And it is also not known who became its only participant. Passers-by sent photos to the orsha.eu site, the Internet publication employees could see only the moment of the participant’s detention.

In total, the guy was able to picket near the monument to Lenin for about 15 minutes starting from 10 am on Monday. He put up a homemade poster "There’s No 500 Here" on the monument and was just standing there, reading a book. It is clear that the inscription on the poster refers to the long-promised average salaries of $ 500.

In the evening, on May 14, the anonymous participant's post appeared on the forum of the orsha.eu portal:

"And what could have happened next – they took me to the police department, I was sitting there and reading books for about 7 hours, while they were interrogating me and drawing up protocols, and at 6 pm I was taken to court and fined 490 rubles. I will not stay silent when, instead of doing my job, I have to either work for a small salary, paying taxes to nowhere, or try to survive in a different way."

Probably the young man, known on social networks as Raman Liuminets, was accused of participating in an unauthorized mass event under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus.