20 January 2019, Sunday, 15:06
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Sovetskaya Belorussiya: Devastation On Copenhagen's Ice Is Result Of Confusion And Vacillation In Heads Of Leadership


There are too many loud words and too few real actions.

Journalist of the newspaper Sovetskaya Belorussia Aliaksei Karpuk analyzes the reasons for the failure of the Belarusian national team at the World Championships in Denmark and, in particular, outlines the share of responsibility in that failure of the federation, Pressbol writes.

– Devastation on the Copenhagen's ice is the result of confusion and vacillation in the heads of the leadership. There are too many loud words and too few real actions. Even if the Federation can not affect the personnel policy of clubs (and especially the Minsk Dynamo), it is surely responsible for the composition of the national team, going to the main tournament of the season. And in this regard, the questions arise. Why did not they stand up for Bailen, why did not they persuade Kastsitsyn brothers to delay the treatment? Why there was not Stasenka in the team? And anyway, why did they continue to trust Lewis so blindly, even though after last year's World Cup, everyone wanted him to leave? Then, we remind, Minsk received the right to host the World Cup-2021, and the former leadership of the federation had to resign.

A year passed.

And today the head coach of Lida team Dzmitry Dudsik, who, of course, is aware of different kind of behind-the-scenes stuff, says without hesitation: "The management of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Association wanted to dismiss the Canadian specialist last year, but the contract with the Canadian was drawn very cleverly and provided for a large penalty in case of early termination. In addition, the contract clearly listed all the duties of Lewis, and when the federation wanted Dave to do more, he pointed to the absence of a relevant clauses in the contract," – Karpuk writes in Sovetskaya Belorussia.