20 January 2019, Sunday, 15:12
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"To Raise Prices Sixfold – Who Will Survive?"


The authorities are afraid of explosion of public anger because of the rise in price for housing and communal services.

Today Belarusians reimburse about 85% of the electricity costs, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Uladzimir Siamashka said today at the Atomexpo forum in Sochi, BelTA informs. According to him, the authorities plan to reach a full compensation for the service’s expenses within two years.

The Deputy Prime Minister specified the population reimburses 16.8% of the costs for heat energy. At the same time, the task of reaching 100%, according to him, is very risky now. "To raise prices sixfold – who will survive? Even the wealthy or middle-income people won’t. We cannot set such a task in the near future," – the Deputy Prime Minister explained.

We remind that in early January, Lukashenka signed a decree on the planned increase of the communal tariffs, setting the maximum allowable ones.

The tariff for housing and communal services, established on January 1, allows reaching 100% of payment for basic services, except for heat energy, by the middle of this year, Deputy Prime Minister Anatol Kalinin said earlier.

Besides, from January 1, 2019, 100% for housing and communal services will be paid by citizens, recognized as "parasites" by Decree No. 1. The decisions will be taken by special commissions, whose verdicts are not to be appealed.