19 January 2019, Saturday, 10:25
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Viachaslau Siuchyk: The Hockey Loser Must Resign


The Belarus national team will only start winning when it performs under the white-red-white flag.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress Viachaslau Siuchyk said this to Charter97.org, commenting upon the failure of the Belarus national ice hockey team at the IHWC-2018, after which Belarusians had to leave the elite division:

- I can say that this is the failure precisely of the Lukashenka regime. Due to the fact that the governor does not work very hard, he can play a lot of sports and hockey is his priority, which Lukashenka himself repeatedly stated. Although this absolutely does not correspond to the position held.

Of course, it is very sad that the Belarusian team had to leave the elite division, but it is even more pitiful that the time of Lukashenka's rule has been very much protracted. I believe that more and more such failures will happen further on. After all, the older a person who holds on to power for a long time is, the more marasmus happens in the country.

You know, I would very much like to see Lukashenka leave and the Belarusian team play in the elite ice hockey division under the white-red-white flag. Then there will be victories. The hockey loser must resign.

- In your opinion, why does Lukashenka, the man who always reacted sharply to failures in sports, keep silence in this situation?

- He's not the kind of person who's used to taking over responsibility. He always hides when there is a failure in a certain sphere. It was always so, and so it will be. It's just that Lukashenka is such a person.

A lot of the budget money went to the construction of ice palaces, although, it is worth noting, their numerous construction is not the worst thing that happened during the time of Lukashenka's rule. However, the population of our country lives so poorly now that, for any sane power, the massive construction of such palaces would be a non-priority task. Unfortunately, there has been no normal power in our country for more than 20 years.

I sincerely hope that when there are changes in Belarus, the palaces will function normally. After all, once they have already been built, it is necessary that they should be of use.

I would very much like to, even on the basis of such a not exactly pleasant fact as the kick-out of the Belarusian team from the elite division, still express hope for change, when Belarusians will not depend on the stupidity of one person against their will. That's when the Belarusian sport and all other industries will continue to develop peacefully.