17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:44
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Belarusbank Top-Manager, Convicted To 8 Years In Penal Colony, Released


Anatol Bahovik has been in custody since August 4, 2016.

Former Executive Director of Belarusbank Anatol Bahovik, who was convicted to 8 years of imprisonment in a penal colony in the fall, has been released. Several sources, not connected with each other, reported this to tut.by.

“We happened to see Bahovik. He seemed cheerful. They say he was released about a week ago,” – one of the interlocutors said.

The information that the former top-manager of Belarusbank was indeed released, has been confirmed by one more interlocutor of the portal. However, what was the reason for that? It is known that appealing the sentence brought no significant results, and the supervision enforceable complaint, most likely, was never filed. That is why the main version of Bahovik’s pre-term release is not just Lukashenka’s pardon, but the notorious “compensation of damage caused”.

Anatol Bahovik has been in custody since August 4, 2016.

According to the accusation, Bahovik, being the head of the clearing center of bank plastic cards and the chairman of the tender commission for the purchase of goods, works, services of Belarusbank, received from the then general director of the Bank's processing center Henadz Zubarau money for a total of more than 94 thousand dollars by way of phased transfer. In turn, he promised Zubarau assistance in the victory of the Banking Processing Center in the tender for the purchase of ATMs for the needs of Belarusbank.

On October 13, 2017 Bahovik was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment and a fine of 500 base fees.

Anatol Bahovik is known for actively promoting and popularizing non-cash settlements. Before becoming the bank's executive director in 2014, he headed the clearing center of Belarusbank's plastic bank cards for many years.

Anatol Bahovik is the son of the well-known Belarusian football player Anatol Bahovik, who played in the USSR championship for the Dynama Minsk FC. Howevber, because of the injury, Bahovik Junior was unable to continue his sports career. However, he regarded the participation in the relay of the Olympic flame at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver as his biggest achievement related to sports. He was proud that he was the first citizen of the Republic of Belarus, who carried the Olympic flame.