17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:44
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Vasil Shlyndzikau: Who Will Come To Country With Inquisition Instead Of Law?


The Motovelo case is a signal for owners of holdings.

Former head of the Amkodor enterprise Vasil Shlyndzikau told Radio Racyja that "the persecution of businessman Aliaksandr Murauyou has nothing to do with law."

"The persecution of the businessman is some sort of a Jesuitism. It has nothing to do with law. If he gets additional term of imprisonment, then this will be an alarm signal for all owners of holdings,” - Shlyndzikau believes. - After all, if some enterprise of this holding makes a mistake, for example, something is underpaid (and it's very simple to make a mistake, because the laws and codes are very confusing), then the head of the holding will go to jail. But according to the same logic, it is necessary to judge ministers for non-payment of taxes by enterprises, as they supervise them.

- Could the trial of Murauyou worsen the investment climate in Belarus?

- Investors will certainly take note of the information. However, the Russian investors, I believe, would think that they will be masters here, like at home. These people are not afraid to invest money. But this is for the time being, until problems begin. And Western investors do not seem to hurry to Belarus. Who will go to a country with the Inquisition instead of the law?

Former owner of "Motovelo" Aliaksandr Murauyou made a speech in court with the last word yesterday. He was already sentenced to 11 years in prison for non-payment of taxes, and now again stands trial under the same article. A new verdict in the Murauyou case will be announced on May 30.