16 January 2019, Wednesday, 22:38
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Hennadz Fiadynich: Authorities Won’t Benefit In Any Case


The "trade union’s case" has become a trap for the Belarusian regime.

REP trade union leader Hennadz Fiadynich has told Salidarnasts what he thinks about the possible outcome of the "trade union’s case."

On May 14, the Investigative Committee published details of the charges brought against the REP trade union leader and chief accountant.

Hennadz Fiadynich told Salidarnasts that he, his colleague Ihar Komlik and lawyers were studying the case materials: "Details will follow."

Hennadz Fiadynich said that the case looks raw. In addition, Lithuania refused to comment on the case and facilitate the investigation.

– I do not want to be a subject of trade, whoever bargains. But let’s wait and see how everything unfolds. We are ready for any options. I myself consider this case has been trumped up.

From May 28 to June 8, Geneva will host a conference of the International Labor Organization. The governmental delegation of Belarus will participate in it. Representatives of independent trade unions, including the REP trade union chairman, have been also invited to the conference. According to Hennadz Fiadynich, the Belarusian authorities have been sent a petition requesting to allow him visiting the conference. The leadership of the global trade union IldustriALL, where Fiadynich is an Executive Committee member, sent the inquiry to the Investigative Committee, the Administration of the President, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"It’s not good for the authorities to let us go of us, and not to let us go, either. On the other hand, the investigation has not been completed yet, we are getting acquainted with the case. But they have no special reason not to release me, – the REP trade union leader believes.