21 January 2019, Monday, 1:30
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House Of Representatives Adopts New Decree On "Parasitism"

Photo from archives of bymedia

Almost all present "deputies" voted "yes".

Minister of Labor Iryna Kastsevich presented the Decree on the promotion of employment to the "parliament." According to her, "for the first time an integrated approach to monitor the situation in the labor market was introduced" in the country, "the decree is aimed at creating conditions under which a citizen will be interested in official employment," tut.by writes.

The minister said that the process of "updating the composition of commissions" is underwayю These commissions will work with the database of able-bodied citizens who are not employed in the economy in order to analyze their complex life situations.

– The database will be formed by December 1, 2018, and will be updated on a quarterly basis, – the minister said.

The minister explained that the commission includes representatives of different bodies. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will help in dealing with antisocial nonworkers, tax authorities will help to reveal hidden employment. Half of those with whom the commission had to deal were employed.

Let us remind, on January 25, Lukashenka signed Decree No. 1, which provides for measures to promote employment. The new decree does not include collecting a fee to finance public spending from the able-bodied non-working citizens.

The previous version of the decree on "parasites" triggered mass protests throughout the country.