17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:43
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Lukashenka Decided To Become Fruit-Grower

The governor has ordered to cultivate crops that grow in Tajikistan in Homel and Brest regions.

On the way to the assembly production of Belarusian agricultural machinery in Gissar, Aliaksandr Lukashenka discussed with Emomali Rahmon the opportunities for cooperation in horticulture, Salidarnasts writes.

There are also severe frosts in winter in Tajikistan, which is known for a variety of cultivated fruits, but local gardens survive.

– Isn’t it really impossible to cultivate these crops (which grow in Tajikistan) in Homel and Brest regions, having zoned them? I feel that these kinds of crops will grow here, – the dictator's press service quotes Lukashenka.

He instructed to lay out gardens in each of these regions and allocate a sufficient amount of land for them.

– We must try. The climate is changing. We are growing watermelons in central Belarus, – Lukashenka said.

Emomali Rahmon promised to help – he instructed to organize work with Belarusian specialists and make ready the nursery plants.