17 February 2019, Sunday, 19:54
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Graffiti In Brest: "I Pick Up Baton, I'll Start With Decree No. 1"


A creative action against the decree on "parasites" took place in Brest.

There was a street art installation called "Dictators – Soul Friends" at the busiest intersection in the center of Brest Today. A reader informed Charter97.org about this.

The graffiti depicts Lukashenka reporting to Stalin standing opposite him: "I pick up the baton, I'll start with Decree No. 1."

"Lukashenka's regime imitates the Stalin's dictatorship in many ways – repressions, suppression of freedom of speech, ideology and persecution of dissenters. Now he has come to the creation of his own "Gulag" by means of Decree No. 1, which actually forces the Belarusians to slave labor," – the authors of the installation told.

We remind that on January 25, Lukashenka signed Decree No. 1, which provides for measures to promote employment. The new decree does not include norms on levying non-working population to finance public expenditure.

Special local commissions will be set up to collect information on "parasites".

The able-bodied citizens, who are not engaged in the economy, will reimburse 100% of the cost of the following utilities:

hot water supply, gas supply, if there are individual gas heating appliances, heat supply.

The resolution comes into force on January 1, 2019.

We remind that the previous version of the decree caused mass protests among the population.