19 April 2019, Friday, 6:20
For our and your freedom!

Policemen Beat Up Pensioner, Journalists Who Reported It Will Be Tried


The policemen threw 80-year-old pensioner into the car in the middle of the day.

In late April, the Belsat news showed a story about a pensioner who was crippled by policemen.

In the middle of the day, the policemen thrown 80-year-old Iosiu Vyshedka into the car, broke his leg and fined him 50 basic units (Br 1225).

Today, journalist Dzmitry Lupach, who reported this story, has received a summons from the Hlubokaye District Police Department. An administrative case was initiated against Dzmitry. It’s interesting, that the summons was not sent by mail, but via Viber.

Together with Lupach, Radio Racyja journalist Tatsiana Smotkina is summoned to the police department.

"I am outraged that the police, instead of trying to sort the situation out and apologize to Iosiu Vyshedka, started persecuting journalists. At the same time, they began to intimidate the victim that he would be punished for slandering policemen. As I learned, that day Vitsebsk policemen beat another Hlubokaye resident, who is now trying to prove his innocence in court. Such actions do not add to the image of the police, especially when they start to fight with independent journalists," – Dzmitry Lupach commented on the situation.