24 April 2019, Wednesday, 23:53
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Tatsiana Raviaka: Zhamchuzhny’s Case Is Entering New Political Level


The situation with the political prisoner will be considered in the UN Committee against Torture.

Political prisoner Mikhail Zhamchuzhny has been staying in the punishment cell of the Horki colony since April 10. The colony administration has set a penalty for him in the form of 2 months imprisonment in a punishment cell.

– There is no latest news from Mikhail, because he is not available now, – human rights activist Tatsiana Raviaka tells to the palitviazni.info site. – And now I am waiting for an answer to the complaint, which I sent to the colony head. I’ve stated in the complaint that I know for sure: Mikhail Zhamchuzhny sent letters, but they disappeared somewhere. Now there are no letters, no response from the colony. In a word, Mikhail has been completely isolated. Only the lawyer can meet with him.

– In a word, the pressure on Zhamchuzhny continues...

– The punitive confinement does not provide for sending or receiving letters, but this norm does not apply for the punishment cell, where Zhamchuzhny is currently being kept. Therefore, the isolation from the outside world is obvious.

– As far as we know, Zhamchuzhny’s case is mentioned in the resolution of the European Parliament for the first time. This is true?

– Yes, the resolution was adopted in April this year, therefore, I think, the case is reaching a new political level. The European Union structures will draw the attention of the Belarusian authorities to Mikhail’s fate, and we are happy that this has finally happened.

In addition, this case will also be considered in the UN Committee against Torture, and the members of the Belarusian delegation, representing the report on our country, had to answer questions about what was happening to Zhamchuzhny. Now we are waiting for the questions of the Committee against Torture to the Belarusian authorities. I think that among other things there will be questions concerning Zhamchuzhny. In a word, there are some serious processes that can affect Mikhail’s fate. Although, perhaps, this is the reason for his today's isolation.

We remind that the problems of political prisoner Mikhail Zhamchuzhny began after the transfer to the Horki colony No. 9, where, with the connivance of the administration, humiliating conditions for serving the sentence were created, with a persistent campaign against him, connected with the establishment of informal relations among prisoners.