24 April 2019, Wednesday, 16:04
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Situation With Unemployment Is Deteriorating In Belarus


It is almost impossible to find work in the regions.

Although a lot of money is spent on the maintenance of employment centers. It seems that the employment centers play the game of cat-and-mouse, Biaroza unemployed resident, a human rights activist, Siarhei Rusetski, 53, says to Radio Racyja:

– And since the new year, they will increase the apartment rent... They sent me to work to an enterprise. There was no place there. Half of those offers that are supposed to exist, are not there in reality. The situation with work is simply terrible in most of the Belarusian cities and towns.

As the Belarusians say, the unemployed in our country are absolutely not protected:

– The unemployed are left behind. Unemployment assistance is one basic value, on which it is impossible to live.

– With such help on unemployment, they are, of course, not protected. The authorities say that we have very little unemployment. But this is according to the authorities.

– We have no protection at all – neither the unemployed, nor the working ones.

– Under dictatorships, people do not have any rights at all.

According to Siarhei Rusetski, who had been made redundant, having long-term experience, he was paid 50 rubles for 11 months. With less experience, the assistance is 20 rubles or less. And if a person left job himself for some reason, he does not get a penny.