12 August 2020, Wednesday, 18:28
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Mothers 328: lukashenka Didn’t Hear Us

Mothers 328: lukashenka Didn’t Hear Us

The hunger-strikers from the movement Mothers 328 answered the dictator.

Activists of the Mothers 328 movement, who seek to liberalize the anti-drug article 328 of the Criminal Code, as well as reconsider their relatives' cases, and hold a hunger strike for the 12th day, reacted to Lukashenka's statement.

The hunger-strikers from Kalinkavichy had time to get to know Lukashenka's statements about the hunger strike of the Mothers 328 in the interpretation of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Valiantsin Sukala through the Internet.

Larysa Zhyhar, the leader of the Mothers 328 movement, assessed Lukashenka's words as one-sided in an interview to Radio Liberty.

"He did not hear us, he hears only one side. Let Lukashenka talk with at least two of our mothers. Let Sukala, Shunevich or Kaniuk put to him at least a few criminal cases, where it is written about the distributors of drugs: "in an obscure place" and "distributed under unexplained circumstances" ... And there are hundreds of such cases. So that he would have studied those cases, as he studied the others in a day, according to him."

Larysa Zhyhar said that she personally and her ten other friends on the Mothers 328 movement continue the hunger strike and do not withdraw the previous demands.

"First, this statement was delivered by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. What exactly Lukashenka said, we do not know, - says one of the participants of the hunger strike Tatsiana Kaneuskaya. - It is clear now that Lukashenka hears only one side in this situation. It would be good that he accepted us and heard the other side, the people's. "


Kaneuskaya says that first of all, hunger-strikers demand fair trials:

"We do not demand the release of real drug dealers or some kind of pushers. We say that our children are imprisoned illegally. There were investigators, judicial errors. This is the essence. They make up a drug dealer out of an ordinary addict. It is needed to set up the commissions so that they would correctly revise the cases."

Kaneuskaya said that they continue the hunger strike - they are waiting for a response from Kachanava.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka today in a conversation with Chairman of the Supreme Court of Belarus Valiantsin Sukala said that the responsibility of drug distributors should in no case be mitigated.