17 February 2019, Sunday, 19:59
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Activists About Kupala Night In Alexandria: Do Not Practice Idolatry

Residents of Shklou are urged to boycott Kupala Night with Lukashenka.

Council of the United Civil Party, a Mahiliou regional organization, considers holding the annual Kupala Night holiday in Alexandria in the Shklou district as "sacrilegious", and therefore calls on local residents to boycott the event, the website mogilev.online reports.

A corresponding statement of the council was published on the UCP website.

"The holiday is held in the homeland of Lukashenka, his subordinates are ready to do anything just to please him. And their desire to present Alexandria as a Belarusian Bethlehem, where another "demigod" was allegedly born and where therefore "friends" are to be gathered, is blasphemous. Lukashenka's reign for 24 years did not bring anything good for the country. During this time, we are hopelessly behind the neighbors who chose the democratic path for their development. Since childhood, we have been taught that one should not practice idolatry and create idols. So how do we allow that those places where Lukashenka, who's far from being holy, was born were given the rank of the object of worship?" – the statement says.

The UCP emphasizes that Kupala Night is a spiritual folk tradition, which at the present time has been turned into something with "unacceptable form of holding this holiday."

"We urge residents of the Mahiliou region, the population of Belarus to boycott the event in Alexandria," – the UCP added.