16 February 2019, Saturday, 11:23
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Aliaksandr Kullinkovich: One Should Keep Hands Off Kurapaty


A famous Belarusian rock musician would not go to Let's Go To Eat restaurant even if paid big money.

Aliaksandr Kullinkovich, the leader of the rock band Neuro Dubel, spoke to Radio Svaboda in support of the Kurapaty defenders protesting against the opening of the restaurant near the place of mass executions of the victims of Stalinist repressions.

"I would not go to such a restaurant even for a lot of money. Never," – the musician said.

ЭSuch places as Kurapaty, they are prayed in. They are prayed in not only by the people who died there, they are prayed in by people who protect them. And one should keep the hands off such places as Kurapaty," – the famous rock singer says.

"Of course, the restaurant is wrong, – Aliaksandr Kullinkovich says. – It was rather strange to build a drinking and feeding establishment on bones. I guess my thoughts about it are not bizarre. There are enough places in our city where you can do it."

We remind that public activists picket the entertainment complex every day from May 31, demanding the closure of the restaurant.