21 May 2019, Tuesday, 5:08
For our and your freedom!

Commission On "Parasites" Are To Be Closed-Door


The authorities intend to hide the work of the commissions under Decree No. 1.

Permanent commissions are being established throughout Belarus in accordance with Decree No. 1.

The REP independent trade union branch in Hrodna decided to nominate its representatives to the commissions created by the state.

Ihar Bantsar, Deputy Chairman of the REP Trade Union for Hrodna Region, told about the results to Radio Racyja: "The commission on" parasites "will also consider the so-called" difficult life situations "of Belarusian citizens. Therefore, the REP trade union decided to try and nominate its representatives to these commissions in order to see their work from the inside. To make sure that there are no double standards."

According to Igor Bantsar, the chance to get into these commissions is very small: "We hope, of course, that we will get there. Although, there is little hope. After all, the commissions, apparently, will be closed, since the authorities will keep a low profile regarding the commissions’ work and the way they determine the criteria of "parasites". Let's see if we get there or not."

Prominent activists Yezhy Hryhencha and Anatol Myshkevich came forth from the REP independent trade union to join the commissions at the Leninski and Kastrychnitski district executive committees.

We remind that on January 25, Aliaksandr Lukashenka signed Decree No. 1, which provides for measures to promote employment of the population. The new decree did not include the norms on levying the non-working population to finance public expenditure. At that, the persons, previously recognized as payers of this fee, were exempt from the payment.

Later, the government determined who would be subject to the updated document on parasitism – Decree No. 1. Non-employed Belarusians, who are subject to the parasitic decree, will pay at full the cost of three services: gas supply, water heating and heating.

The Ministry of Labor will create the database on parasites. This database is planned to be created by December 1 this year, it will be updated once a quarter.

The previous version of the decree caused mass protests among the population.