21 May 2019, Tuesday, 5:04
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Cosmonaut Kavalionak About Kurapaty: Bean-Feasts Mustn’t Be Held Near Holy Place


The second Belarusian, who visited the space, spoke in defense of the tract.

Uladzimir Kavalionak, cosmonaut, president of the Russian Cosmonautics Federation, former deputy of the Supreme Council of Belarus, head of the Air Force Engineering Academy of the Russian Federation, shared his vision of the conflict around the restaurant near the place of mass executions of victims of Stalinist repressions in Kurapaty, Radio Svaboda reports.

"It's hard for me to judge, I live outside Belarus, in Russia, but I'm Belarusian. I believe that Kurapaty is the most sacred place for every normal sober-minded Belarusian. We all must know about what happened there. And I would not welcome it – to make a restaurant there, so that there are bean-teasts with bare asses next to this holy place. There are enough places where you can build a restaurant on the Belarusian land, away from Kurapaty.

I would not go to such a restaurant, if it is next to Kurapaty."