23 February 2019, Saturday, 4:39
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Ministry Of Defense Of Azerbaijan: Belarusian Palanezes Entered Service


The purchase of Palanez multiple-launch rocket systems from Minsk was officially confirmed in Baku.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan confirmed the purchase of Palanez multiple-launch rocket systems from from Belarus, Interfax reports.

"The 301-mm Palanez multiple-launch rocket systems were delivered to Azerbaijan as part of an intergovernmental agreement with the Republic of Belarus, and the Palanezes are adopted by the Azerbaijani army," – the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.

As reported, the day before, Azerbaijani President I.Aliyev took part in the opening of the military unit of the Missile Forces of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan. Among other things, the Palanez multiple rocket launcher systems were demonstrated to him.

Earlier, the Russian newspaper Kommersant, citing a source close to the Belarusian Defense Ministry, reported that Baku could start buying Palanez from Minsk in 2018.

According to the publication, the first contract involved the transfer of 10 sets of the multiple rocket launcher systems (these are rockets, transport-charging machines, control stations, radar stations, etc.).

One of the military-industrial sources of the newspaper claimed that Azerbaijan had long been considering the Belarusian military industrial complex "for price reasons."

In 2017, the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan, Zakir Hasanov, paid an official visit to Minsk, familiarizing himself, among other things, with the capabilities of the Belarusian defense industry. In the photos from this event, the Minister of Defense was seen next to a Palanez.