26 March 2019, Tuesday, 20:13
For our and your freedom!

Most Active Kurapaty Defender Detained

Aliaksei Turovich was detained near the place of protest against the opening of the "restaurant on the bones."

On June 12 at 7 pm, screenwriter Aliaksei Turovich was detained next to the place of protest against the opening of the "restaurant on the bones."

"He called me from Karbyshau Street, as he was leaving Kurapaty. I could clearly hear how the police asked him to go to the department. I could clearly hear Nina Bahinskaya’s voice, too," – Pavel Seviarynets told Belsat.

It has not been possible to contact Nina Bahinskaya yet: she does not have a mobile phone.

The last few days, Turovich was among most active Kurapaty defenders. It was he who did not let motorcyclists enter the territory of the Let's Go Get Some Eats! restaurant on Saturday, June 9.

The protest campaign under the slogan "Not a Restaurant, but a Museum" against the opening of the restaurant has been on in Kurapaty since the beginning of June.

Kurapaty is a forest in the north-east of Minsk, a place of mass executions during the Stalin times. According to researchers, 30 to 250 thousand people died there. In 1993, Kurapaty was included in the State list of historical and cultural values as a burial place of victims of political repression.