17 June 2019, Monday, 9:19
We are in the same boat

Prosecutor Demands Four Years Of Imprisonment For Policeman Who Broke Villager’s Leg


The oral hearing was conducted in a lawsuit filed against senior district inspector of the Kobryn district department of internal affairs Siarhei Kuliashou.

Two days running, dozens of policemen in uniform attended the trial, almost completely filling the courtroom, Radio Svaboda reports.

The policeman is charged under Part 3 of Article 426 of the Criminal Code – excess of authority or abuse of power. Injured villager Anatol Hlytysiuk stated that the policeman had broken his leg.

At the meeting on June 12, Kobryn district police department head Uladzimir Stsiapaniuk addressed those present stating that "Kuliashou is not a criminal."

"You are not just passing judgment upon a district police inspector, not upon a Kobryn district police department employee – you are passing judgment upon the whole system of internal affairs bodies of Belarus," – the defendant's chief said.

During the oral hearing on June 13, the prosecutor stated that Siarhei Kuliashou’s guilt was proved on the basis of the testimonies of local residents who had seen the incident, as well as on the basis of other factors, including forensic medical examinations and an investigative experiment. The prosecutor offered to find the policeman guilty of committing "actions that go beyond the limits of rights and powers and caused harm to the rights and interests of citizens, as well as state interests, and abuse of power associated with violence against the victim."


As mitigating circumstances, the state prosecutor asked to recognize the payment on the harm done and the young children. As aggravating circumstances, the prosecutor asked to recognize the fact of committing a crime with violation of the oath.

The prosecutor demanded to sentence the defendant to four years in prison with serving the sentence in a penal colony with a reinforced regime.

After the prosecutor, injured Anatol Hlytysiuk spoke, who confirmed that he had been injured by the policeman, but asked "not to punish him strictly."

Siarhei Kuliashou’s lawyer stated in his speech that the police officer's guilt had not been proved in court, and as soon as there were doubts, the verdict had to be in the defendant’s favor. The lawyer demanded to declare Siarhei Kuliashou not guilty.