23 February 2019, Saturday, 4:37
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Scandal In Kurapaty: Defenders Hit By BT TV Hostess And Her Husband’s Car


The news broke who hit by car the activists, demanding to close the Let’s Go Get Some Eats! restaurant.

Public activists continue picketing the Let’s Go Get Some Eats! restaurant in Kurapaty.

The rally on June 13 was marred by an incident – a Mazda car with Russian numbers hit two protesters, Yauhen Batura and Vasil (the surname is unknown).

The activists stood in the car’s way, but the driver drove directly towards them and rode them on the hood. It should be noted that all that happened before the traffic policemen’s eyes.

As Nasha Niva has found out, the Mazda was driven by BT TV presenter Stela Chyrkova and her husband Ivan Ermakou.

At that, it was not the first time Ermakou had come to Kurapaty, he had tried to start a "discussion" with the activists before.

Ermakou and Chyrkova were neighbors of the owner of the Let’s Go Get Some Eats! restaurant " in the super-luxurious cottage estate in Kaltsou Street in Minsk.

Both Stela Chyrkova and Ivan Ermakou moved to Belarus from Russia in 2009. Stela (her real name is Elena) hosts the Dy@bloh Ab Litaratury program on the Russian-language TV channel Belarus-3, and she presents it in Russian.

Besides, Chyrkova is a representative of the Mamut company in Belarus. This is a Dutch company specializing in the transport of goods. Her husband is also engaged in logistics. The couple leads a luxurious life.

Usually, the traffic police revoke the driver's license for hitting pedestrians. At that, the pedestrians can be fined for being on the roadway.