17 July 2019, Wednesday, 16:35
We are in the same boat

State Cynicism


This can be compared with kidnapping at the state level.

Or how else would it be called, if children become hostages, when the authorities are trying to blow up their parents?

Do you remember how in 2010, the authorities blackmailed former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and journalist Iryna Khalip with the fate of their son? Now we face another kind of state kidnapping – the social one.

Today, everyone has heard the story of mother of many children from Homel Antanina Shainiuk. Having fallen into disfavor of the school principal, Antanina risks to lose the dearest thing she has – her children. The difficult life situation of the widow, who alone brings up four minors, was the reason for attacks. They threaten the woman to take away the children, if she does not pay off the debts on the rent and does not repaper the apartment.

– When there is a concern about whether to feed the children or repaper the apartment, I choose the children, of course, – Antanina is defensive.

And the following story is altogether surprising. A woman from Homel, whose family is doing well, was threatened that her family would be registered with social services only because she was not employed. And officials showed unprecedented diligence, focusing their attention on the mother, who hadn't been working for as little as two weeks at that moment.

"The minor is in unfavorable conditions, in an extreme situation," – Silnyye Novosti quotes the letter, which the woman received from the kindergarten.

And this is despite the fact that there are no other complaints about the upbringing of the child, which the letter also states. The demand is: "You need to find a job urgently."

So, tell me how to understand this? Is it a new method to fight social parasites? Like, they couldn't make them pay by taxes, so they decided to influence them through the children?

Their reasoning is clear: what kind of parent will want to risk the fate of his or her child. They will be ready to labor at the lowest-paid jobs (the state is often unable to offer other kinds) or to keep quiet in conversations with the heads of all ranks, just not to lose their child.

And the officials don’t bother that thanks to such "care" of the state, some people will simply have to try to survive, being forced to leave informal work, the income from which was feeding the whole family. The main thing is that officials will be able to report that there are no unemployed in the country and all people are employed, as high authorities demand.

Again, it's a great way to trim wings for those who do not let the authorities sleep comfortably, bothering them for different reasons. Now the most active ones may be punished for unwashed dishes, or will have to provide information about who the children were with, while their parents defended some cultural value from the next bureaucratic mess.

It seems that the authorities have found that very painful point. And they beat it with special cynicism.

Sviatlana Miatsiolkina, Salidarnast