21 May 2019, Tuesday, 5:12
For our and your freedom!

Belarusians Demand Resign Of Minister-Communist Karpenka


The policy of the Minister of Education can lead to street protests.

Belarusians began collecting signatures under a petition demanding the resignation of Education Minister Ihar Karpenka.

"The leader of the Communist Party of Belarus, Ihar Karpenka, is the Minister of Education of Belarus since 2016. We believe that Ihar Karpenka should leave his post for several reasons:

- he canceled the entrance exams at the gymnasium, which provoked agiotage, speculation with registration and corruption in educational institutions;

- he deliberately ignores the problem of Belarusian-speaking children and their parents to study in their native language in pre-school and school institutions in Belarus;

-Belarus has not fulfilled its obligations within the framework of the Bologna process.

Personal and business qualities of Ihar Karpenka do not allow him to effectively lead the agency entrusted to him, Mr. Karpenka only strengthens the tension in society, which can lead to street protests in Belarus.

Based on the above, we suggest the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus I.V. Karpenka should resign," - the authors of the petition state.